Whether you are living alone or with family members, your home is bound to collect clutter as time goes on. These unused or unwanted items take up precious space in your home and can make even the biggest homes feel tiny.

On a normal day, you are probably too busy with work, classes or errands to tidy up the mess and put away the clutter in your home. But what if you can turn this into a fun MCO activity with the family instead? To achieve a clutter-free home, all you need are some home cleaning tips that will reduce the number of items in your home while gaining more space for things that matter.

Home organisation tips:

(1) Clothing

The trick behind sorting clothing items is to make full use of all the compartments available, including the top space of the wardrobe which is largely unused. You may also use small, clear storage boxes and compression bags for sorting.

  • You will find that there are clothes you wear more often than others. Fold and place these in the main closet space. Anything that you don’t wear often should be inserted into a nylon bag or storage box and place on top of the cabinet where it will be out of view.
  • Any formal clothing like jackets, gowns, and suits take up a lot of space because they cannot be folded, so cover them in protective plastic and hang in a hanging closet.
  • Use a compression bag to store seasonal clothes, bedding, and place them in the upper space of the closet. If you have lots of family members and your wardrobe space is limited, it is best to store it in a mini warehouse to save space. You can conveniently retrieve them whenever you need them again.
  • Small clothing items and accessories like belts, ties, socks, scarves and such should be placed in smaller storage boxes neatly arranged in a drawer for easy access.

(2) Makeup and skin care products

In addition to clothing, the women in the home may also have a variety of makeup, nail polish, or skin care items that should be stored appropriately.

  • Make good use of multi-layered racks for perfumes, cosmetics, skin care products and such. This allows you to see everything at a glance.
  • Remember the kitchen utensil drawer? You can use the same tray to hold cosmetics like lipsticks, mascaras, and eyeliners. They won’t roll around in the drawer anymore.
  • Find a glass bottle (reused or recycled is best) and fill it with glass marbles. You can now stick your makeup brushes into them for easy reach.

(3) Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas of the home and storage can be complicated.

  • Check the expiration dates on the food in the refrigerator and eat perishable items as soon as possible. Using smaller storage boxes for different types of food not only makes efficient use of the space in the fridge but also helps it last longer and taste better.
  • Any cutleries and utensils that are not commonly used – like your expensive china – should be individually wrapped in newspapers or bubble wrap and temporarily stored in a mini storage warehouse.
  • Any appliances that are not frequently used should be placed back into its original box and stored in mini storage space.
  • A lot of small items like books, magazines, bags, shoes, children’s toys, sports equipment and such take up a lot of space in the house. But if you store them properly, you can still keep them without throwing away anything that may be valuable or of sentimental value to you.

Organising is an important principle in life. Even if you have a beautiful home, without proper storage, it is just another place of clutter collecting dust in your home. This activity can be completed in one day with the participation of the whole family, so consider this as mco activities that you can all do together.

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